Boelsgaard Bed and Breakfast

Denmark - North Jutland

Boelsgaard Bed & Breakfast


  • Room for 4 people
  • Double room with patio
  • Extra room with 2 single beds
  • Well-equipped small kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Own entrance
  • Free parking
  • Internet (free), radio, books
  • Golf- and bikeshed




Boelsgaard is a charming old farmhouse from 1780 with an unspoilt soul. It is located in the middle of Nørholm witin walking distance to the Lim Fjord. Nørholm lies between Aalborg and Nibe with a variety of things to see and do within a short distance (see menu item North Jutland).


The farmhouse has undergone several years of renovation. Apart from hens there are no domestic animals left, but if you go for a walk in and around the village you will see lots of Icelandic horses, cows and fields. Nørholm has a unique path system that winds between farms and houses the way it did 200 years ago.


The small grocery store is a chapter on its own. Since 2000 the store has survived with the help of volunteers, and here you can buy a variety of whole foods, organic wine and good local beer!



  • Beach 0,8 km


  • Grocery store 0,1 km


  • Restaurant 3,5 km


  • Aalborg 10 km


  • Aalborg Golf Cource 3,5 km


  • Aalborg Airport 17,5 km


  • Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort 36 km


  • Thy National Park 70 km


  • Skagen 125 km


  • Hirtshals 78 km


  • Frederikshavn 82 km


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